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API Inspection


Join the largest group in the area for Turnarounds services

We will accompany you through all stages of the turnaround:

  • Recruiting inspectors and experts (QA/QC/NDT)

  • Pre turnaround

    • Planning & Gantt building

    • Inspections on continuous run 

  • Turnaround execution

  • Post-turnaround documentation

Luptech Mechanical Engineering LTD is the largest company in the area for providing API inspection services with hundreds of experts specialist in shutdowns.

Turnarounds are period in which the plant or a facility is shutdown for maintenance and inspection in order to maintain high production outputs while maintaining operational safety, reducing emissions to the environment and increasing the longevity of the plant. Here are typical Turnarounds points:

Recruiting inspectors and experts (QA/QC)


We recruit a different team of inspector and technicians according to the customer's needs.
Our world-leading experts have extensive knowledge and experience in shutdown.
We believe in teamwork; our inspectors are pro-active to achieve the same goal.
These are some of the Inspector that can be found with us:

  • API 510 - maintenance inspection, repair, alteration & operating procedures for pressure vessels.

  • API 570 - inspection, repair, alteration, and rerating procedures for in-service metallic piping systems

  • API 650 & 653 –aboveground Storage Tank inspection

  • API 579 - quantitative engineering evaluation to determine if an in-service piece of equipment is safe and Reliable to operate at specific conditions during a determined time

  • API 580 - Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) is a methodology that involves quantitative assessment of the probability of failure and the consequence of failure associated with each equipment item in an operation.

  • API 936 Refractory Installation Quality Control.

  • AWS CWI Certified Welding Inspector.

  • Unusual NDT -  The most innovative methods in the world

Pre turnaround- planning & gantt building

The purpose of planning the shutdown is to ensure
Meeting safety targets
Meeting inspection targets
Meeting maintenance targets
Meeting budget targets
Proper planning of shutdown will ensure minimum faults and as smooth  flow of the process as possible.
Contact us and we will be happy to help you plan the shutdown.

Pre turnaround- inspections on continuous run

Pre-shutdown inspections are critical to the success of the entire shutdown.
Discovery of mechanical problems at the equipment before starting the shutdown will improve planning the entire shutdown and save a lot of money and valuable shutdown time.

Therefore, inspection should be started about 6-12 months before the actual shutdown.
pre-shutdown inspection Is an integration of:

  1. Our inspectors will go over the history of the equipment and look for expected issue.

  2. Our technicians will perform measurements and NDT.

  3. Our inspectors with the operators will determine the damage mechanism.

A combination of all three will determine where to put the emphasis in inspection during shutdown and determining a critical path.

Turnaround inspection

This is the stage to which all efforts drain. Here you want the best people around you, their experience and professionalism are a guarantee for the success of any shutdown.
Our experienced inspectors are everywhere in the field, they will make sure and check that all the equipment is clean and ready for inspection. Any equipment that is ready for inspection we will enter for a visual inspection immediately but with all due care for safety.
At the end of the visual inspection, we will coordinate the technicians to perform the NDT according to the demand for each unit of equipment according to its service, its history and its damage mechanism.
The technicians' findings are monitored continuously.
Reports on tool progress and findings are made ON-LINE so that all parties are aware of progress or deviation from the approved Pre turnaround- planning and Gantt.
Top effort is made to discover all the findings as early as possible during the turnaround and quick detailed IWR reports is produce.
Each report will contain a detailed description of the findings and a repairs proposal including the repairs process with stopping points where necessary.
IWR report approved by the customer will be closely monitored by our inspectors until approved.

Post Turnaround Documentation

At the end of all the inspection and all the repairs were finished and approved. It's time to organize all the data accumulated during the shutdown into a detailed report for each equipment unit.
Summary reports will also be submitted detailing:

  1. All Inspection performed & findings 

  2. All NDT performed.

  3. All IWR Provided

  4. All repairs made.

  5. All recommendations for the next shutdown.

All information will be provided digitally as well as in hard copy.

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